July 24, 2024
9 best WordPress AI plugins for content, chatbots, and more

Interested in using AI for WordPress but not sure where to begin?

As is usually the case with WordPress, the best way to get started with AI on your site is by using a dedicated AI WordPress plugin. These plugins can help you use models from OpenAI and other sources to generate text or image content, answer visitors’ questions with chatbots, write custom code, and more.

In this post, we’ve curated picks for some great AI plugins to get you started. Collectively, these plugins cover almost every AI use case imaginable, so there should be something for everyone on this list.

What can you do with AI for WordPress?

One of the exciting things about using AI for WordPress is that it can be applied in many different ways.

So, before we get into the list of plugins, let’s quickly run through some of the different types of functionality that you should expect to see:

  • Text content generation — plugins can help you generate text content of all lengths. This could range from very short content like a blog title or headline, medium-length content like WooCommerce product descriptions, and even entire long-form blog posts (though we don’t recommend posting unedited AI blog posts on your site).
  • Chatbots — plugins can help you create an AI chatbot, sort of like your own version of ChatGPT for WordPress. The neat thing is that you can train your chatbot on your website’s content, such as training it on your knowledge base to help it answer customers’ questions.
  • Image generation — plugins can help you generate images, either by generating a brand new image from scratch or modifying an image that you upload.
  • Code generation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) — you can find plugins to help you generate short code snippets or tweaks, such as some custom CSS to style a particular element. Some tools can even help you write entire WordPress plugins from scratch.
  • Layouts — some plugins can help you generate design layouts in builder plugins like Elementor or Divi Builder.
  • Image alt text — some plugins can help you automatically generate image alt text to make your website more accessible and boost on-page SEO.
  • Text-to-speech (or speech-to-text) — plugins can help you use AI to integrate voice into your website’s content, either by transforming text content into audio content or transforming voice content into text.

Some plugins can help you implement multiple use cases in one package, while others are focused on one specific AI implementation.

Some plugins offer features beyond the list above, so this is by no means the complete list of ways to use AI in WordPress.

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