May 17, 2024

If you’ve been using Kinsta for a while now, you’re likely more than familiar with MyKinsta. This helpful dashboard is available to all Kinsta users and allows you to easily manage your websites, databases, and applications.

Whether it’s clearing the site cache, creating a new staging site to work on, or remotely updating themes and plugins, MyKinsta enables you to work on your projects productively and efficiently.

But what if you could automate these processes, not just perform them manually? Or hook them into third-party applications and interfaces?

That’s why Kinsta developed the Kinsta API. Using this custom-made REST API, you can optimize and automate your WordPress environments.

Curious how you can use this new technology? Here are a few examples of how you can use the Kinsta API to optimize your WordPress environments.

Benefits of the Kinsta API

The Kinsta API was released into public beta a while back and made available to all Kinsta plans. The API is still in development, and more endpoints are coming for even greater functionality.

For now, the API can perform most of the functions available through MyKinsta, but plenty more is planned for the future.

So what’s the difference? Why use the Kinsta API? Here are a few of the great benefits.

  • Automation and scheduling: Instead of having to log in to MyKinsta and navigate the interface manually, you can instantly automate any of its functions. Things like site maintenance can be set up on a recurring basis with no input of your own required.
  • Website creation and management: The Kinsta API can be used to automatically create websites and staging sites or install and update plugins. It even works with WordPress Multisite!
  • Remote management: Sometimes it’s much easier to check your website’s online status remotely. You can even restart it or clear the cache if something is wrong. The Kinsta API lets you remotely manage your website from another app.
  • Manage database and applications: Websites aren’t all that you can manage with the Kinsta API – you can also manage your database, or applications hosted on Kinsta.
  • Tracking and reporting: Does your website or business use any internal tracking systems or custom applications? You can easily integrate data from MyKinsta into any of these.
  • Custom dashboards: List Kinsta data, like client website information, within your custom-built dashboards for clients.
  • Third-party integrations: What if you could control your website from third-party applications, including Slack, ChatGPT, or custom-built apps? The Kinsta API makes this totally possible.

Keep in mind that the Kinsta API has a current rate limit of 120 per minute, or 5 per minute for website creation.

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