June 17, 2024

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest iteration in Google’s suite of analytics tools, has been met with mixed reactions due to its revamped interface and features. Many website owners, marketers, and everyone in between who’s accustomed to the familiar comfort of Universal Analytics have encountered several issues with GA4.

And that’s putting it nicely.

Issues have emerged, ranging from extended data delays to a lack of custom report transfers from the old platform.

As a result, many people have had trouble adjusting to GA4’s features, leaving them to seek out alternatives.

So today, we’re covering one such alternative: Matomo.

This GA4 alternative offers a breath of fresh air for those disillusioned by the complex shifts in Google’s analytics tools. We’ll take a look at why it’s a good option, how to set it up, and how to transfer your data from Google Analytics over to this tool.

Why choose Matomo over GA4?

Matomo is a GA4 alternative that prioritizes data privacy.

There are four main reasons why Matomo stands out as a GA4 alternative. And it all comes down to how it handles these key areas:

  • Privacy and data
  • What features come integrated
  • Cost
  • Flexibility

Privacy and data ownership

When it comes to privacy and data ownership, Matomo significantly outshines Google Analytics. Matomo provides 100% data ownership, meaning all the data collected through its platform remains solely yours and is not used by any third parties.

This is a stark contrast to GA4, where Google can potentially use data for various purposes, including advertising. Matomo’s approach to data privacy offers a welcomed stark difference, providing features that align with strict data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA like:

These privacy features ensure you can operate without tracking consent in certain jurisdictions, making compliance with these laws much simpler.

Integrated features

Matomo exceeds GA4 in terms of the analytics features it integrates with. It offers standard tools like heatmaps and session recordings without additional tools or subscriptions.

These features make it much easier to gain deeper insights into user behavior on your site. GA4, on the other hand, requires third-party tools for similar analytics, which can lead to additional costs and integration issues.


Matomo presents a more cost-effective solution, especially considering the hidden costs of GA4. Matomo’s open-source platform means there are no licensing fees, and it offers a free version rich in features.

Sure, GA4 is free, but it’s worth knowing that you need to add paid tools to achieve the same feature set.


For businesses looking for more control and customization over their analytics setup, Matomo also provides an On-Premise option that allows you to host analytics on your own servers.

Since Matomo On Premise is hosting on your own servers, the data is more accurate.
Since Matomo On-Premise is hosted on your servers, the data is more accurate.

This would be a great option for those who need to ensure their data never leaves their controlled environment. That alone makes Matomo an excellent choice for organizations that prioritize data sensitivity and compliance above all else.

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